A Beginning

I am still holding onto the power of beginnings. At 30ish I found out that I would have to fight to hold onto my celebrations of the little victories. they are not welcome among the many. How weird is that? i mean when you’re little you celebrate everything! lost a tooth? party. First days, last days, camp and birthdays.. everything was a celebrations! I think we fall and get up so often as adults that we just stop celebrating. I will not. This however convoluted the journey to getting here may have been, is still a beginning. I am still celebrating this beginning. /

Thank you for being a part of my celebration. What beginning is this? an idea long time in the making that grew and blossomed and died and then found its roots and grew again. a celebration of tribe, of light and love. This is the web that connects the powerful women in my life. the Golden circle, the ones who smack me, hug me, kiss me, and guide me into a new dawn.  They’ve decided to stick with me through this journey and see where it leads.

Welcome to my new adventure.

This began with a question – what can we do to help heal the world. We are only 3 women with gifts, but how to begin? Where to begin? Ideas flowed, and then came the realization. One has to heal and love self before taking on the community or even the world. This is the journey we take to love self and love others.

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