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I am not often struck by intense anxiety. I used to be, but found it slipped away as I grew into my weird. Today it’s back, strong, defiant and unwilling to let me go. I decompressed, took a nap in my car at lunch time, put the diffuser on and still it wouldn’t let me go. I practically ran around in circles, listened to my favorite music on the way home from work and still! My heart beat would not be tamed.  I had to think back to the things that calmed me down when this was a regular part of my day.

  1. Clary sage – well known to help with depression, it uplifts and calms simultaneously. it’s herby and sweet. I like putting a dab on my heart center and Solar plexus.
  2. Roman Chamomile – the tea is amazing but today i only had the essential oil. So dab on my pulse points and into my hands so i could breathe in deeply. Fruity, herby and oh so soothing!
  3. Ocean- or any water really, sometimes all you can manage is a shower and that’s fine. I live in southern California in the height of tourist season…These days you can hardly see the sand for trash and tourists.Beach would have been ideal but cold shower helped me immensely.
  4. grass – the best thing ever, just bare toes in happy springy grass. Ground into the earth energy and let it balance you. I used to roll in it but the itchy skin afterward hardly seemed worth it. Spring clover is my exception, worth it… every time!
  5. crystals – I made the mistake of picking up my Iolite which is super high vibrational and it sent my heart racing and my crown tingling.  Tiger Iron was a much better reaction. It’s one of my favorites and through the years it has become a regular resident in my purse. you never know when you’re going to need atiger-iron-massage-stone-1_granden anchor. the heavy iron deposits make this an ideal stone for a little extra courage adn extra weight when you feel ike you’re anxiety is carrying you away.  deep grounding stones are essential! Onyx and black tourmaline helped a whole lot!

Depression is not a one time thing and it’s not an easy shadow to face. but if you have tools in place that you can actually remember, it changes everything. It becomes manageable and can all but disappear.

The last week I’ve been getting magical notes from the universe to lighten up and laugh and play a little more, but it’s been so difficult for me to shift. Lo and behold, anxiety comes back to remind me that there are consequences to dancing in the dark too long. I can’t always find it in me to fight the fear, and that’s ok, but there are other tools that can help me along until I find the courage.

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