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Larimar, Finally

Larimar came up today, as a few friends will be traveling to the Caribbean very soon.  It made me think about how the right stone at the right time really changed my entire impression of it’s properties and abilities.

Larimar wasn’t my go to crystal for anything to be honest. I found it’s energy was often stand offish and unwilling. I went out of my way to avoid it. Then I met an amazing Dominican couple selling Larimar and amber at a fair. They had tables full of jewelry and every piece was happy, high vibrational and strong. It was like seeing the stone for the first time. I spent probably far too long perusing their wares finally selecting a happy little heart that still sits with me. I love it! Finally the soft aqua blue reminded me of a beach in the Bahamas instead of the swirling Bermuda triangle.

What made the difference? Believe me I asked. Their answer? Simply that extraction methods matter. I watched them create beautiful works of art; the love and the reverence and ritual that go into working with the stone, really puts them a step above any other’s I’ve seen. I’m incredibly grateful to the Miners and dealers I’ve met in the last few years. They are magical and wonderful human beings who are willing to share their knowledge and their craft with willing ears and open hearts. Honestly it often means paying a little more, ok sometimes a lot more, but for good happy stones who are sourced with love, it’s worth it!

I use my Larimar for emotional healing. I think of it as a concentrated bit of the ocean. Easing the release of toxic emotions and negative thinking, it’s soothing and soft in vibration. If I can’t get it out, if I feel stuck, over full or overly emotional, this is my go to stone. It’s like transporting yourself to a sandy beach with your toes in the water, sea foam taking your troubles away. I can breathe better already. When I finally let go of my twin flame completely and totally, Larimar helped me deal with the whirlwind of emotions and lingering feelings of loss. Powerful so often comes in soft and sweet packages.

Check out the process LarimarCA uses to create their amazing pieces.  Click Here to check their etsy shop!

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