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Wounded vs. Mended

The wounded healer is one with gifts who is still healing, recovering, discovering and mending. When we awaken to our gifts and are first testing the waters of what we are capable of. This is the time of discovery, still fixing or learning about past life traumas and karmas.  It’s realizing that our spirit is still fragmented, or that it is finally safe for us to be whole. The wounded healer is an important powerful phase of being. Some of us never move past it and that’s ok. We all came here for a different reason and each path has it’s own pit falls and rewards. it’s all good. But I have loved this phase of my life. the wounded healer is the heal and be healed. You can cross a block in your path by helping another person cross theirs. What a joyful law that is! I help the butterfly find her wings and I too find the confidence to flex my own. It’s magical and I love it.

The mended healer is the one who has moved on from that phase of being. Worked through family karma and past life trauma, recalled soul fragments and found the space to be themselves in their truest authenticity even when it’s hard.They recognize the pull of ego and the humility of truest self  .  They are the ones who say – yes i can help you, but i’d rather help you, help yourself.  Yes there are ways to fight any illness the body suffers, but do you want to get better? Do you want to live? Do you want to face the kind of life that awaits you? It’s surprising how often the answer is no. The mended healer is one who is strong enough to handle the “no.” The wounded healer fights to save others, who feels the emotional pull to do what they can. The mended healer understands that free will is everything.

The mended healer is one who consciously uses and discovers new gifts seamlessly. I just did it because I could, not “where did it come from, am i strong enough, how? Why?” The mended healer is the one who knows that everything is within reach and there are answers if we are brave enough to ask the question and receive the dark and light of the truth.  The mended healer is the one who walks in the shadow with as much confidence as the light.

There is a world of difference between the two and this hardly scratches the surface. but it was important for me to recognize the difference. As I heal beyond an event I never thought I’d ever get past, I see the possibility of becoming the mended healer before my eyes. Some aspects of her i already embody, others I aspire to.  Either way, I am proud of the journey I’ve undergone.


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