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August blues

August has historically been a tough month for many of us. It’s the time of shedding light on old wounds checking for infection. It’s a month for “do I really want to keep working here?” And “what do I really want?” It’s not easy. In San Diego it’s the hottest month of the year, usually. It’s the unofficial start of wildfire season though this year we started really early.

Personally, August has meant lay offs and break ups. Its memorials too! It feels like the slowest month ever, but maybe because so much seems to happen in the space of 30 days. It’s the painful rebirth season. But it’s also the much needed exposure to uncover the truth. Did I want to lose my job? No! But was it important for me to stop working 8-12 hr days? Oh yea! I was working between 40&65 hours a week with no benefits and a pay reduction. But I was so beyond myself, beyond exhausted that I couldn’t see it until poof it was gone.

Good news is fall can’t be stopped and autumn harvest does bring reward. Sometimes that reward is as simple as a reprieve from the heat, I know I’m happy to receive that this year!

Rebirth is necessary it’s like the fledgling Phoenix bathing in the ashes of her death, gathering strength to move forward.

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