We had this vision for our company a few moons back and ideas poured in by the bucket. I was so excited to get started and then came the new moon and everything changed. Things normally easy felt like they took way more effort than I had available. Physical sickness got a hold of me with dizzy spells lightheaded moments that drove nausea to its height. Extreme exhaustion gripped me and held me for weeks. And let’s not forget the fiery grip the sun has held over California for months now! We’ve been holding our breath over fire news and praying for rain, praying for an end.

Finally this last new moon seemed to decide to gently let me be. Not all at once but in its gradual way. This week brought slightly cooler temperatures and a slight lift on the stubborn heavy energy.

This is the end of Retrograde for Mercury, the end of Eclipse season, end of lions gate energy… it’s an ending. Again not a fast one everything feels slow and stubborn and aggressive, but not like last week or the week before, or the month before.

As far as our ideas, it was like the fog cleared again and we could spare a bit of energy to devote to something outside ourselves and day to day crazy. It feels good to once more look into the future and hold again the perspective of the past with accuracy.

It’s still slow, it’s still effort but it’s progress. A step forward is still a step forward, even if we’ve got miles to go.

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