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Energy of this week

It’s Tuesday and Leo energy is wrapping up. Seems like it was either fantastic and took you to new heights or it was a whirlwind of crazy and angry. I know I got the latter. But things have softened already starting with traffic- hallelujah the tourists are heading home. Living in a destination city is great until millions of people flood in leaving all their mess behind.

I’ve also felt the physical symptoms I was battling the last few months clear and fade. Grounded again but also once more able to tap into my connections. Balanced I guess. I feel more balanced.

Not surprising that the card of the week for me is the emperor. It’s all about focus, structure, taking charge, finding balance, using life experience, and getting organized. It’s exactly what I need right now. This week as I get up in the morning I ask to embody the energy of the emperor and make the most of my day.

The emperor is also a very physical card to me. It’s power, using past pitfalls to rise ever higher. Take a moment to stop and remember that you use experience to adapt to your life all the time. It’s a daily victory that you should clap yourself on the back for. You might have learned the hard way to leave 30 minutes earlier to avoid rush hour to work, but you learned. Might not have wanted to discover that shortcut through the alley to get to the main road but you did and it saves you time. Maybe it was an embarrassing mistake that taught you that Starbucks will replace (for free) that drink you spilled before you even had a sip. But hey! It’s helpful right? Also why I keep an extra set of clothes in my car. Point is life lessons might feel like mini earthquakes when they happen but they really do teach you and groom you to be prepared and be adaptable.

This is the time to take control of life where you can…. in a balanced way. We’re not forcing anything we’re just prepping. You might not be able to make that company call you but you can remix your resume, create the most eye catching personable cover letter ever, email their HR rep a letter of intent, get to know your dream company’s mission statement, listen to their CEO’s public statements and yearly goals etc. do what you can with what you have so when the universe catches up you can step into your power with ease.

This last week is supposed to wrap up a few last minute things. The energy might feel like it’s dragging but getting cleaned up and organized at home and at work can help the energy along. It’s the perfect time to toss old clothes, things that are broken, no longer needed or past their expiration date. It’s an amazing time to donate to good causes and clear out the physical clutter. July into August was all about clearing the mental and spiritual clutter it’s time for the physical. If you’re having trouble with money coming in cleaning and clearing stuck energy is so important! Sweep under your bed, get rid of the cobwebs and dust bunnies and really let things flow again.

Get moving again. In the heat of the summer I became stagnant. But it’s time to get moving, walks on the beach (now that it’s clear) are in order. Get the energy of life moving by doing a little moving yourself.

Be open. As we go into harvest season opportunities become available, career changes, travel, romance, chances to heal or forgive… it’s all possible. Just keep your mind open and don’t freak out too much. Freaking out is ok so long as it doesn’t mean you say no to something that will catapult you into a new life. Say yes! Trust your intuition not your fear.

Have you seen the Tao of Dana? I got to know Dana through tumblr and then you tube and weekly email updates. She’s a colorful happy authentic soul who shares amazing advice on practical feng shui. Check her out, it’ll change your life.

Tomorrow is hump day, we’re almost there! Woohooooooo!

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