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Carnelian love

This stuff is like liquid fire. I love it! Every shade of it is intense, bold and blunt.  It’s passion, It’s sex, It’s courage.. carnelian is earthy, heady, fun. This dramatic and brilliant orange stone can range from soft peach to darker shades of orange and red. It can be banded  or solid colors. and the white striped piece that I have acts very differently than the others in my collection. I find it more balanced, more ethereal, more heart centered than the others which can tie a little closer to the root chakra.

I love rose quartz for love, but paired with carnelian it’s more well rounded. It’s self love, self confidence as well as romantic love and passion. It can heighten sex drive and give you the confidence to act on your desires, or overcome the fear to try something new.

Carnelian can help lighten menstrual flow and it can calm cramps. I keep it in my pocket or my bra and it really does feel better. tap into carnelian energy when you need to balance blood flow of any kind.

Fiery Carnelian carries the creative force of new ideas behind it. it’s the fiery phoenix rising from the ashes. Are you in need of a reboot or restart? calm your mind, let your worry and fear go; ask Carnelian to show you the way and give you the courage to act on these new ideas.  Need a little extra luck? Add citrine and jade to the mix. You’d be hard pressed to find a more fortuitous combination.

One of my favorite combinations is Carnelian and Smokey quartz. It’s like the phoenix rising from the ashes. clear and sweep away the old and awaken to the new. it’s life changing.

Combinations that would be fantastic in tumbled stone bags

  • New love – rose quartz, carnelian, ruby in zoisite, red or brown garnet & sodalite (emerald if you can get it)
  • marriage/rekindling romance – carnelian, sugilite, garnet, sunstone,
  • new career/promotion – carnelian,  turquoise, dumortierite, or tanzanite, Smokey Quartz
  • self appreciation – carnelian, charoite, pietersite, Rose Quartz
  • more money – carnelian, green jade, citrine, pietersite for artists, green garnet or adventurine,

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