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The Hermit – Meditation thoughts for the Equinox

The Hermit is the 9th card of the major tarot arcana. He is usually depicted as a lone man with a long beard focused solely on his brilliantly lit lantern.

In this ninth month of September we bring our focus to this inspirational figure. Now the light of the sun is dimming, we move to bring that light inward and focus on ourselves. Summer is an external expression of self and as we move into Autumn we bring that expression inward. Our focus becomes of self. What seeds have we sown this year? What will our harvest be? Where did we place our efforts and our acts of kindness and love? Did we spend enough time and attention on ourselves? How is your self care and self love routine? Do you have one? Now is the time to give up those excuses that fast paced summer was so willing to accept. Water your roots, prune your branches back after summer fruit has gone and breathe deeply in the oncoming stillness. Breathe.

The Hermit can also mean time alone. Reevaluate what makes you happy and what brings you satisfaction. Do you still love the same things you used to? Meditate on the Hermit and discover your inner truth. Some of us have been chasing goals that no longer fit our desires. Is your heart still in alignment with your visions of success? Be honest with yourself.

How do you shine your light for the world to see? Is it with your confidence or your jubilant laughter? Is it with your creative expression with your unconditional love? How do you give of yourself to the world? Are you hiding? Perhaps it’s time to unveil the real you. If you had the confidence to show the world who you are in your entirety what would that look like? How different would that be from the person reading this? Focus on what it would take to close the gap between the realest you and the one you show the world.

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