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Wild Woman -the unbecoming

To the tamed woman, I am shedding like winter skin, I love you. I have existed in your shadow too long. I am grateful, I am so very blessed, and I am done. Our journey has been tumultuous, trepidatious and oh so painful. With you I broke, I grew, and just as I rebuilt I broke again.  Our gilded cage no longer fits.  It’s time to fly away.  While the caged bird sings of hope for a joy-filled future, the free bird sings of the sweetness of a joy-filled present. I know which I prefer.

I am unfolding into this weird mutant of old me and yet to be discovered me.  While I’m here in awkward puberty, I’m  reading tarot cards and finding a whole new world of joy in what I’m uncovering for others.

I’m growing as a spirit, as an aromatherapist, as a woman. I’m letting go of a lot of the cultural rules that have fallen out of resonance with me. It’s kind of an amazing point to be in. I’m at a crossroads with no means of knowing where anything leads. Could be a glorious adventure, could be a train wreck… why not watch and see which comes to fruition? 

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