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Me and Skin

One of the characteristics that made me rigid was giving to others without giving to myself. I need to get better at delivering bits of awesomeness to myself as needed.

In the last few weeks though I’ve given the majority of my time to work and any leftovers to creating things for restoration and healing and transition help. But what about me? Isn’t that the Aries mantra? I fell off the wagon! Tonight I regained that balance. I made a blend for skin rejuvenation for a client with some of my favorite carrier oils. And before I set them aside I realized I didn’t have anything to use for my own face. I have lovingly and thoughtfully blended renewal for a client but ignored my own dry and chaffed skin.

So I sat down found my focus again and gave myself the same attention. Blended with care, swirled with intention and lovingly charged with crystals it felt so good. Slathering myself with rich and soothing oils might seem silly but it was the first time in a while I’d made myself something that so drastically changed my attitude and my appearance. The sigh of relief from me and my skin was dramatic and wonderful.

A reminder that self care isn’t just primping but giving yourself the same as what you give others. It’s reminding yourself that you matter too! You need love and attention too!

I look younger already… it’s kind of insane. Not that I wanted to but there it is.

Skin care tangent-

What blend did I use? For EO’s I used florals. Honestly when flowering plants are at their peek and only at their peak they bloom. If they’re weak or unhealthy they don’t bloom. Were the same way when we’re at our peak we shine! And when we’re not skin is the first to suffer. Flower power can help you shine. It’s the energetic signature of a plant at peak performance, you can’t go wrong. Rose, ylang ylang, geranium, lavender, are all wonderful depending of course on what you need.

I highly recommend neem oil though it’s incredibly pungent and also used as bug repellent in my garden lol. It clears up my dark marks and scarring like nothing else. I will bravely embrace the smell!

Evening primrose oil is another of my favorites. It’s hydrating and has a luxurious smoothness that feels silky on the skin. Great for dryness and eczema. I take it in capsule form as well for hormone balance when PMS rages… not that I ever get testy lol

Carrot seed oil is fantastic. Another softening and rejuvenating addition to a face oil

I do have to say that people get kind of crazy about putting oil on their face. It’s years of media telling you fat and oil are why you break out. What makes you break out? Imbalances internally with organs or lymph, blood sugar, toxin levels, stress, worry, anxiety, hormones, etc. basically if you’re out of sync your skin tells you first.

Skin is our greatest protection and it doesn’t allow most product to penetrate or absorb. But compounds that mimic the sebum in skin are absorbed making these kinds of oils and blends more effective than you can imagine.

Don’t be afraid to do a little research and find an oil to balance your skin and say goodbye to chemicals. Your skin will thank you.

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