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It’s been a wild ride so far and my heavy feet are telling me it’s not over. God forgive me for ever thinking this would be easy. You know.. when you’re a kid and see the life of a caterpillar, you don’t ever think about how hard it is for that bug in his cocoon. We don’t really think too much about what it takes to shed and shrink and grow and strip away the past and reinvent our selves into something we have never imagined.. all within a space too small.
Man is it ever confining. Peeling away the layers that have until now protected and shielded you is painful and scary. You can’t help but think of the reasons you built them up in the first place. What if they come back? What if it happens again? Not easy to face.
Still the transformation goes on. We wont know what we look like until we fully emerge and stretch to the sun. so for now we’re asked to trust. We are asked to have faith. Oh my God is it hard to have faith after years of destroying and rebuilding foundations.
Where are you? Why did you let this happen? Why isn’t that thing here yet? why hasn’t your world changed more? Why? you don’t even realize how many of those questions pop into your head until you’re asked to let them fall away.
I am slowly transforming and letting things happen the way they need to happen. Going with the flow, allowing things to unfold or not. It’s not easy but I’m finding a rhythm that works and doesn’t make me want to pull my hair out. 
That hermit card, the one that shared it’s energy after the equinox reminds us that it is truly a time of inward expansion. Find your strongest and truest self, the one that can withstand the turning tide and show that face to the world. That’s the other half of the hermit’s message. Yes, take time and be alone, but also, shine your heart light for the world to see. Let the world see you! for me that means not being content with standing in the corner and blending into the walls. It means facing that person head on and showing them whats behind these eyes. Why not?
Some of us don’t even remember the last time we let our guard down. it’s just automatic now. Shield and move through the world. Sometimes we cut off the lower vibrations and forget that our roots and sacred chakra are low vibrational too. It’s good to feel out our full range of vibrations and really get to know them again.
The good news for those who are waiting on their miracles, or have only just begun to see the start of physical change, we’re almost there! We’re so close it’s maddening.  just a little longer loves.

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