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Venus Focuses

If you find yourself stressed over relationships or lack of during this month and next, there are a few lovely focuses you can take to take advantage of the energy rather than falling victim to it.

Isolt  – Tristan and Isolt is a love story for the ages. Beauty married to a king who falls in love with another man. She is kind and caring and respectful of her marriage but honors


her true feelings.  For those of us who have been teetering on the cusp of a decision and haven’t had the courage

or maybe just don’t know which is the right decision, it’s about to get easier. Ask for help in making the right decision or better yet, ask for a resolution that honors every party involved in your current situation. Love and be kind to all and be ready and open to a solution, especially one you haven’t thought of. So important to also be grateful for relationships you are leaving. Even if it didn’t end on the best terms, be grateful for when it was wonderful, for every lesson learned, for every hurdle you jumped together, for every bit of encouragement and support.

Ishtar- Boundaries. Are you doing too much? Are you finding yourself going out of your way, inconveniencing yourself or even getting hurt to help others? istharGrow with Ishtar and learn your boundaries. research or ask for heavenly guidance in saying NO. You don’t have to feel guilty for not helping people. Taking care of yourself is your number one priority. Water your own tree before tending another person’s garden. For women especially this can be a really hard thing. We are more inclined to feel like we’ll be judged for saying no. Now is an amazing time to stop over extending yourself and stop caring about other peoples opinion on the matter.



Pele – Passion. For some of us whose passions lay dormant as we rebuilt our lives, it’s about to erupt!Pele bc you may already be feeling the unexplained anxiety and up welling of emotions. It can be stress or anxiety for seemingly no reason or sudden desire to bawl your eyes out. Go through the emotions, you do not need to attach them to anything, just feel them and let them go. When these old stagnant energies are gone, allow yourselves to be filled with new joys, wonder and gratitude.

Hope this helps, enjoy the retrograde; may it bring you miracles!

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