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Venus in Retrograde

It may not seem like much as so many planets have ended or landed in retrograde this year. what does it even mean? Retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backward and truthfully it can have a profound affect on behavior whether you are aware or not. I have found that Retrogrades don’t affect everybody the same way but it’s kind of nice to know what the general consensus is so we can prepare for it. Mercury retrograde doesn’t mess me up as much as it used to but it’s nice to know when it’s happening so i can be prepared for aggressive drivers or odd communication. means a little more patience and lot more forgiveness.

with Venus there are two major factions – those of us who are in relationships and those who have been working toward relationships. Tarot card I associate with this time is 4 of wands. It’s a wonderful time of celebration if your foundation is sturdy. So many of us have been rebuilding for years now. Think of this as the test. Did you hastily build this life or was it painstakingly constructed bit by bit? let the test do what it will and then celebrate the victory or be thankful for the chance to strengthen the foundation your life will be built upon.

Those who are in relationships should be prepared to deal with the shadow side of those who you know and love. It’s nothing scary, just real. how do you support hubby when he’s down and in need of a boost? How do support and love your partner when they don’t feel confident in them selves? How is your significant other handling their relationship with you and with themselves? that’s it.. not too bad right? Just a progress report and time for some fine tuning. It’s a great time for intimate conversations about truth. Instead of fancy date nights or distracting ones like movies – go with face to face time. set u that picnic in the park, star gaze and do something that reminds you of the mysterious being that you fell in love with (yourself included)

Those of us who aren’t in relationships should focus more on our relationships with self. how’s your confidence lately? How do you feel about somebody loving you? It’s a great time to enter a relationship and create lasting connections. Venus is tricky though, she can’t be forced and refuses to be coerced. You simply follow where she leads and let love find you. Easier if you are focused on making yourself more fabulous. How are you feeling about your abilities or your talents? Focus on your relationship with self esteem and let Venus do the rest.

Some of you may feel like hiding or running off to a foreign place. Relax.  Visualize, dream it plan it and wait. Don’t quit your job or buy your tickets just yet. Let more information come in and settle down. lol. I only say this because I’m debating a life in Greenland. Do however take a small vacation, pamper yourself and buy that amazing face cream that makes you feel like a Goddess. it’s an amazing time to care for your skin. Try the mask, Say yes to hydration and listen to your body. Venus retrograde can mess with your appetite too,leaving you starving (and in that case, go to work)or you aren’t hungry and eating makes you feel terrible. listen to your body and adjust accordingly.  Yes to getting back to the gym and trying that new diet that you think might make you feel more energized! now is a time to avoid extremes and take care of yourself. You’re a fox and somebody out there is waiting for your sexy self to waddle, roll, or saunter on by.

Moral of the story, don’t worry about retrogrades. Learn what they’re about, how they might affect others and do the best you can to take advantage of their energy. I am going to give myself a pedicure and tame my eyebrows… Look out now!

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