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Salt for the Gemini Moon

Not every full moon comes with love and light. Some of them dig up our darkest wounds, our deepest secrets and lay them out for us to see. Sometimes that means reliving the trauma, some times that means realizing, it was never as bad as we thought, sometimes it’s something else entirely.  Still the act of watching that which we most feared with ourselves  is healing. It’s not easy and sometimes we don’t want to open our eyes at all. But the moon has the power to bring healing to you in the way that most serves us.

This last moon in Gemini felt like it was going to be a happy end to the messy Venus retrograde meltdown into Mercury’s infamous backwards roll. It came in with hope and slowly revealed its twin face, that of not so easy to swallow truth and intrusive introspection.

How do we cope with yet another set of planets dancing? I made salts. It’s been an intense year full of change, of growth, of healing and oh so many break downs. I’ve found myself hiding from the world on many occasions unable to deal with reality. Whew! So salts felt perfect. the best way to slough off the old and expose our new strongest self (so far.) It’s a great way to smooth over healed wounds and integrate them into your new. It’s removing the old while bring love and light to the new you.

I used dead sea salt – it comes incredibly coarse, so I mash the heck out of it in the mortar pestle. Yes I could buy already processed salt, but the step of grinding my own salt gives me a chance to imbue it with my intention, in this case, renewal and removal.  I happen to have this beautiful grey Irish salt, so i added that to the mix with a healthy dose of Epsom salt. As my intention involved looking back at the hardships of this year with love, I chose olive oil for my carrier oil. If you’re just going to use this as a room freshener, you can sub baking soda for Epsom slats and leave out the carrier oil. I however really wanted to make something i could use on my physical body.  And because I can’t omit essential oils I went with a few things that resonated with renewal and removal, Basil, Orange, juniper and Laurel leaf.  I always add the oils to my carrier and then add to the rest of the mix. It just comes together more cohesively.

Yesterday brought heavy bouts of depression and sadness. it was so hard to find hope for the future. I managed to get myself in the shower (washing my hair always helps) and i used my new body scrub. What a difference!  Talk about night and day. I actually got myself out of the house and had an amazing time with my sister.

This is definitely a recipe that will become Yule gifts for my friends and family!  And to balance it out I created a Sugar n Milk softer scrub for the new moon, but more on that later.

Btw – If you’d like to try these out for yourself, both of these blends (with alterations for the end of season,) will be in the Solstice Box next month along with a fun and amazingly powerful surprise.. of course.



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