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Twin Flame Reunion

Whew the talk about reuniting twin flames scares me a bit! Twin flame relationships are difficult. It’s like stepping in front a mirror. Anything you haven’t fixed, shed light on, healed, or put to rest, comes to the surface like week old garbage.  It’s not easy, but for those who get the chance, it’s unlike any relationship you’ve ever had. It can be wonderful, exciting, enlightening and challenging. So, the idea of having to once again face my twin, does leave me feeling a bit uneasy, thankfully there are lots of things we can do to ease the anxiety of facing the shadows.

The first thing is to remember how hard you’ve worked to get where you are. Remember how many challenges you’ve already faced and how strong you are as a being. You can handle anything else. Remember that every challenge to come is meant to make you stronger. Every shadow now that you face acknowledge and appreciate. Not everybody gets to see their twin again in this lifetime and it’s a clear sign you are meant for greater things.

Remember you aren’t alone! You’ve got a support network on every side of the veil who are waiting for you to simply ask for help. Your twin is going to be or has already dealt with the issues you are facing, lean on them for support. Part of the package is learning to unravel some of our independent strings to learn how to tie them together like rope making them even stronger.

Move forward, open and honest. Not all of our twins are meant to be lovers, but those who are can be great fun!  Sometimes having somebody who just gets it on every level can be amazing! And even if they aren’t meant to be that for you, Imagine how enlightening it is to observe somebody who feels so familiar, going through things you are going through too. Sometimes it makes all the difference.

Shedding your past and your shadows canhappen faster than you can imagine. Have a few things in stock to take care of you in a pinch – obsidian is one of my favorites. Salt scrubs, guided meditations etc.. Even one of those fantastic angel coins that reminds you to ask for help when you need it. Seriously – anything that helps you remember to be in the now and ask for help is awesome.

Self care – what do you need to do? I have been meaning to make up a new batch of oil for my skin, it helps soften and renew- Need to make that up so  I can slather myself in it when I am stressed. What about that hair cut you’ve been thinking about or that mani pedi you and your sister weer thinking about? Feeling good helps ease the shock of  things to come. When in doubt love yourself into joy!

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