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It’s that time again! Happy Solstice! Why is it a big deal? Yea it’s the longest night of the year but the truth is.. its far more than that. It’s the end of the end. Basically after the longest night comes the dawn. This period of time we’ve spent looking in at ourselves, all our traumas all our old hurts and wounds, healing and loving them into newness, is coming to a close. We get to pull our heads out of the sand and look around at the world again. Movement is possible again.For a lot of people it’s felt like they couldn’t get ahead, couldn’t move. Like nothing felt right, like none of the available options were any better than what they had. That should change here soon. Doors are opening, and the outside world should start to reflect the inner work you’ve done so diligently. Ohh and tribe members! Are you feeling the pull to socialize? Not necessarily with holiday usual’s but with like minded folks? Tribe members are coming home and anticipate meeting the people who feel like family. Soo exciting! The end of the end is finally here. It’s the end of the season that started with autumn. What else can go? What are you willing to let go of? because this time when you say it it will be so.

No matter what you think is happening right now,  I seriously doubt you can deny the craziness of this particular holiday season. There are a few things you can do right now to help ease the anxiousness that our subconscious self harbors before change.

  1. Make a list of what you want. I usually make two, one that i feel is “realistic” because it shuts up my insecure self. Then i make another that is far more expansive feels a little impossible but if it happened i’d be head over heels. Those lists set on your altar or tuck away in your sock drawer if your shy. the act of creating them gets you into the mindset that change is possible and creates a desire to expand. That desire is often enough to stop the anxiety because it puts both our conscious and subconscious selves in alignment with the desire for change and growth.
  2. Welcome new tribe. Around the holidays we often feel the dread of talking to family that don’t feel like family. Put out the desire to find new people who feel like family, who make you feel like you’re understood and empowered.
  3. Welcome! be reflective of that welcoming attitude. Smile at the person beside you in line, instead of cursing the car who cut you off, just let it go. (sometimes that’s as positive as I can manage.) Give extra affection to your loved ones, especially when they are stressed and watch them glow.  Bring home flowers for your spouse, or something they would think was frivolous and cute. Spend time reminiscing with your kids, show them embarrassing old pictures and tell them what you loved most about them at every age.. just be the love you want them to have. Embody love to the best of your ability.
  4. Roll with it. Tell yourself every time you start to feel anxious or stressed, that you are ready and open to anything life has to throw at you, especially the good stuff! Talk to yourself, out loud is best, but silently works too lol. I’m ready. I know it’s coming, and I’m grateful.
  5. Gratitude what are you grateful for? truly. And count it out. I used to sit in my car on bad days and just start naming things until I at least wasn’t feeling psychotic anymore.  then Id gone on to say what it was i truly desired, say the loudest thank you i could muster and move on.
  6. Pray, ask for extra guidance, extra protection, extra help, extra presence… whatever you need and truly believe that you have received it.  How can you be upset knowing the universe has your back?

Happy Solstice, happy full moon, happy Friday!


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