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In my culture birds are important. They are beautiful companions, singers, and function as crop destroyers or saviors. We live and interact with them everyday, its no wonder that the folklore is so strong. One of our superstitions states that if a bird flies into the house something is coming that cannot be ignored. If that bird is black or white or some combination of the two, that message brings death with it.

That being said a smallish yellow american goldfinch found its way into my house today. Now.. normally when this happens my lovely gato bring sit in as a gift. Usually said bird it is injured, or dead. This little guy startled us both. It was alive, unharmed and grumpy. My cat watched him but didn’t attempt to maim or kill this one, another surprise. I did manage to get it calmed and outside again, but it left me with the distinct impression that this was no ordinary encounter.  I called the aunts and asked if everybody was ok,( I’m not too familiar with the symbolism of yellow birds) and sure enough everybody seems ok. It was my aunt Kathryn who broke it down for me. Birds in the house bring urgent messages, or swift and unexpected messages, impossible to ignore. it’s like getting a yellow feather message, but on steroids.

What does a yellow bird sign mean? – there are lots of interpretations! Some common associations are with the solar plexus or the sun tarot card. they are all somewhat interrelated.

  • In Chinese medicine the spleen/solar plexus is connected with anxiety, worry and fear. receiving yellow feathers can be a sign to relax those fears, face them or find a way to diffuse the stress building up in the spirit.
  • yellow birds can also represent the need to bring joy into your life. Have you laughed enough? Have you done enough of the things that make you happy. It can be the sun card in the form of a feathery bullet.
  • Maybe you’ve been working hard to bring in joy and prosperity in your life. this can be a sign that it’s coming! Always in a way you can’t miss or expect.
  • This can also be a sign to stay alert and follow your gut instinct. Something that is coming fast or unexpectedly or both, will require you to trust your gut.
  • Also in connection with the solar plexus it could be a sign to detox and take care of your physical gut health. how are you feeling?
  • As messages go, this one can be a sign that something is coming in regard to prosperity and the flow of abundance in your life (fingers crossed for this one)

There are so many ways to interpret one small event. My greatest barometer for this interp are my emotions. Your subconscious knows long before you do what it all means. I use the resulting emotions to determine what is coming. Today felt pretty good and so whatever it is, however startling isn’t going to leave me feeling anything less than good.

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