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Basic Clearing for Home

Keeping our places clean falls into The category of ‘things we learned growing up’. Its one of those things that a lot of us don’t think about outside of it’s just what you do. But it’s not all about germs or bacteria. In spiritual teachings, cluttered and stagnant space is where clinging spirits, entities, or just funky energy can hang out. How do you clean the house of that stuff? Now that cleaning has become physical, spiritual and energetic.. what do you do?

Truth is you don’t need to be the sage whisperer to make an impact on the way your house functions and feels.

• Move energy- vacuuming, sweeping, opening up windows and doors, can be enough to chase out trapped energy

• Get rid of old stuff. We tend to have junk drawers and piles and never ending laundry etc. the places that we unconsciously avoid become stagnant- so to get them flowing again, give them energy. Do all the laundry, organize the junk drawer and call your local charity to pick up the things you don’t need anymore.

•If you’ve got a job that requires you interact with toxic people, or you live in an area with toxic people, it can be hard to rid yourself of clinging energy. One of the easiest ways to help yourself and your home is to avoid bringing them in in the first place.

1 put up a mirror in your entryway to deflect anything that is unwanted

2. Amethyst, fluorite, black tourmaline or other protective crystals by the door

3. Protective symbol over the door. In Caribbean culture, a cross over the door ensures only love enters, but any protective symbol will do.

4. My favorite- plants! Pick a plant long lasting plant that you feel drawn to and plant it outside your door. If you can’t, keep a houseplant just inside your door. Snake plants do well indoors and are incredibly protective. Outdoor friends like Ivy, red hibiscus, Geranium, bougainvillea, and rosemary are traditional but you can use anything that feels good to you. One note of course is if you’re going to ask a plant to help you, you are then responsible for it’s care and upkeep.

5 keep the front door clean. Wash down your door inside and out. Sweep the threshold and make sure any mats are in good condition and underneath them is clean and free of trapped debris and moisture. Make sure any lights around the area are bright and welcoming.

• fireplace- hearth is the center of the home and keeping it in working functional condition can vastly improve the flow of your home.

• floors and ceilings. If there is dust accumulation in the corners, put a plant there, or a lamp. Get rid of hanging cobwebs. Keep things flowing and moving. Change the pictures on your walls, where do you find yourself hesitant? That picture needs to move. Wash the floors, adding a dried orange peel to hot mop water can bring joy into the home, basil brings luck and money.

• If Money is leaving faster than its coming in, check your bathroom. Is it clear, clean, inviting? Are the pipes working? Do you have leaks? Bathrooms are incredibly important to maintain properly- esp as they affect the wallet more than almost any room in the house.

• Bells- we have had bells hung on our front door for as long as I can remember. Bells transform energy with sound. I hang them up near windows too, especially when airing out the house. Make sure the bells you choose chime sweetly, otherwise the vibration you create will be just as sour.

• Most people use sage to clear the air but the truth is, you don’t need to, and these days it’s rather scarce. If you have to have it; buy the whole plant, grow your own sage and dry a few leaves at a time to burn. Or try other plants!

1. Cinnamon clears the energy , brings in love and passion and deters mold and ants. Besides who wouldn’t want to dance around the room blowing cinnamon dust? Lol just make sure when you’re finished you sweep it out the front door.

2. Palo Santo is sweet deeply beautiful smelling wood that is relatively inexpensive and easy to disperse. Light one end and let the smoke curl as you wander through your home. Sets a more pious and sedated but sweet atmosphere.

3. Frankincense, myrrh, copal are amazing together and can be burned separately as well. They’re very traditional and remind me of church. To be honest they’re pretty heavy hitters and I reserve their use for first time cleanses and major events. If I had a party full of people I didn’t know well, I’d use this after physically cleaning the house, just to ensure I got everything out.

• Candles can be used to clear spaces and the root cause of negative scenarios. Lighting white candles with prayer can be more than enough. If you’ve got a specific scenario in mind, like you can’t seem to catch a break lately and it feels like more than coincidence- light a white candle asking to restore your luck and a black candle to negate anymore bad luck. With candles it’s important to address your higher spirits. Fire is a means of reaching across the veil and your protection your guide should be there with you.

•You can buy clearing Sprays that impart certain moods, or simply neutralize the area. They’re pretty simple, just spray and walk away. Five minutes is all you need.

• we don’t always have the luxury of burning things inside so other options are nice too. Salt can be left out in beautiful dishes or ornamental boxes to absorb negativity in your home. I mix essential oils in mine depending on what I’m trying to do. It’ll refresh the room and you’ll be surprised how effective it is. Himalayan salt is popular for this purpose and honestly I’m a sucker for those awesome salt lamps, but you can use anything. Just a reminder that salt or anything else that you’re using to absorb negative things needs to be cleaned. Dump salt that is just laying out every week.

As far as the ritual of cleansing goes, everyone has a different idea. Traditional views say counterclockwise 3 times to clear the home. And clockwise to set the intention. For mild clearing I don’t think it’s too important. what I find to be most impactful is getting the corners. Whether it’s holy water or cinnamon powder, make sure you don’t neglect the corners. Don’t forget the rooms you don’t live in. Garage, basement. Attic, sheds etc. those doorways tend to need more attention.

You don’t always need to wage war with the spirits in your home. In fact there are helpful beings everywhere. But if you want them gone you can say so. In a confident clear voice, address your desire for them to go. Cheap and easiest option out there.

If you really feel like you’ve got something in your home and you’re afraid, the frankincense and myrrh route after a physical cleansing will work wonders. If you can’t wait for amazon to deliver it, Catholic Churches carry it. You can get it with your holy water and candles. Once you smoke the house you can use the holy water to ensure nothing nefarious gets back in. If you’re a sage smudger, I recommend following up with lavender or sweetgrass or cedar. Sage tends to neutralize and if you’re going to set the atmosphere yourself it’s fine. But if you prefer to leave your space feeling positive or uplifting or more conducive to creativity or anything else, follow up with another element.

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