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Making your Space feel like Home

New year is a great time to reset vibration of self and home. While we tend to set resolutions for changing our bodies and minds we sometimes neglect our environment, which is a direct reflection of our internal mindset. So before you commit to gym time every day, make sure your home can support you. We just covered clearing and cleansing, now let’s talk about vibration.

  • Color- when was the last time you painted? Colors have a direct influence on our mood and thoughts. While that green scent wall in the office can drive you in your career at first, it can after a long time also drive you to jealous tendencies and ego based fear. Change up the colors in your home. Is there enough color? Is everything black and white? Add pops of color to remind yourself that you’re a brilliant soul and the world needs your light.
  • Furniture- does it feel good? Is it too bulky, too small, too old? Get rid of the things that are broken or too old to use. Same thing with dishes, ditch that chipped plate and the mug with the broken handle. Things should function appropriately and you’ll feel the difference immediately.
  • Clear the space. Do you really need all that stuff?? I clean my floors when I’m debating furniture. Everything gets pushed to the garage and I clean my floors, take in the size of the room how good it feels when it’s empty and then slowly bring things in. When it plateaus or starts feeling off you know you’ve got too much stuff and out those things go. Donated or into storage until the next time I switch things up.
  • Paper is the greatest dampener of energy. Who knew? But it is. Sit down with all your loose paper and file folders and labels and a great big garbage bag. Be honest with yourself. Do you need it? Will you actually use it? If it’s no, throw it away. If it’s yes, make a labeled file for it. If it already has one, physically get up and put it away. Nothing worse that shuffling piles into different piles and saving the second round of filing for another day. Ridding your hone of paper clutter starts with making a home for things, then there is no reason to have strays. Clear the paper, clear your mind.
  • Projects unfinished- our subconscious associates unfinished projects laying around with laziness and tends to make a habit of it. Too many unfinished things leads to more unfinished things. So put them away and with everything you put away put a reminder on your phone. I want to finish painting the bedroom this weekend- set a reminder to go to the store Sat morning, and an end reminder Saturday night. And make a point to finish what you start. Those congratulating pats on the back we give ourselves mean a lot! Your subconscious is always listening and will conspire to give you more congratulatory moments.
  • Smell – what does home smell like? Is it pleasant? Do you walk in and breathe in a deep sigh of relief? Or do you walk in and feel nothing? Or worse do you wonder what that smell is and if you remembered to take the trash out? Smell is tied directly to your brain and triggers immediate memory and emotional response, even when we aren’t aware. So how your house smells means a lot to your well being and vibration. Throw out the trash every day. Don’t leave anything on the stove or in the oven. Keep rotating food in the fridge. You can keep a whiteboard on the fridge with dates that things were made. Air out the house when you can, all the doors and windows open letting nature clear the rooms of stagnant energy. You can keep a dish of salt and baking soda out in rooms that get the most activity to help absorb smells. Diffusers are cheap and amazing. New ones have automatic shut off so you can fill them. In the morning and come home to a good smelling home.
  • Donate things you don’t need. Books are great and references can be kept forever but those trashy romance novels? Maybe donate them for someone else to enjoy. Or that how to on a subject you’ve left behind, donate! Any equipment that used to be a fun hobby but no longer turns your head, donate and find a new beacon to draw your attention. If your plan to take up a hobby again is someday, one day or anything other than an actual date, donate it.
  • Get organized for daily routine- if your goal is to eat healthier do you have a big enough lunch bag, can it accommodate things that need to be kept cold? Big enough water bottles? Does your work bag need to be updated for your new public transportation goal? Or do you have shoes to make the dash from train to work? Are you armed with illness fighting supplements now that you’re mingling with new people at a new job or longer commute? Is your car ready to go back to work? Get things ready ahead of time and set yourself up for success.
  • Decor- should shift regularly including pictures. If you’ve had the same picture on your mantle for three years, do you even see it anymore? Shift things regularly so your conscious mind can appreciate them. Get rid of pictures that have people you don’t talk to anymore. If you can’t throw them out yet, at least remove them from view.
  • Memories- do you have things that were gifts from people you’re no longer on good terms with? Is that couch something your ex picked out? Did your backstabbing friend give you that glad set? Get rid of them. And that goes for any clothes that still hold memories. If you put on that dress and think about that one time you and your ex did that thing… lose the dress. You deserve to move on in your life without the heaviness of unhappy memories in unlikely places.

A few easy to do things can really make an old space it feel like home again. Hopefully these things can help support you as you start the new year and move toward a brighter future.

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