Oh hello there all. I wasn’t intending on leaving you and yet away I went. The year is half over and it’s been months since we talked. I couldn’t have possibly imagined how far out into unmarked territories this year would have taken me. Odd to think about where I thought I’d be vs where I actually am. There are definitely things I was hoping would be better and things I didn’t think I’d ever do that are marked off my bucket list. But June… June feels like a check in time- how are you doing? How’s the body? How’s the spirit? Are you still aligned with your goal or any goal for that matter? Were getting close to Solstice are you feeling the pull of it?

Check in months are so important. They can feel awful because the things we hoped were behind us come back to haunt us. People we hid from, (ran from)pop in to say hello and those decisions we put off finally decide to make us pick something. Yes on one hand it firmly sets us along a more narrow or focused path. On the other hand it’s not easy. So you may notice people are aggravated; antagonistic , impulsive and reactionary. Patience is thin and things we “put up with” we can no longer tolerate. You may also see that people get sick more and these sicknesses are severe – the culmination of neglect or unchecked aggravation. How many co workers who pushed themselves too hard finally hit a wall? It’s a crazy month.

Death and love are very much tied into this month. Summer solstice means things are light filled. Shedding light on a clean and well tended space yields a loving response but shedding light on a chaotic scene may not feel very good, it can be downright scary. Still it affords us the chance to get things clean and get things organized. Relationships in June are the same way- either showing you how great they are in their compatibility and compromises or the opposite. It’s a great month for weddings and divorces.

Personally my June is going pretty well. It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on. I feel like I was braced for impact starting in May and have since allowed myself to relax and breathe. So what can we really do this month so that we aren’t the crazy people others are encountering?

    Relax and breathe – the breath connects the systems of the body including your lymphatic system which move fluid (bye bye inflammation) and remove toxins from the entire body. Breathe and let yourself come to stillness. If you can cultivate moments of stillness in this chaos you’re going to be just fine.
    Do something you love. Not just – we always go to the beach on Saturday morning, no! Get out of your rut and do something that feels exciting and renewing. A lot of us are drained and exhausted. Go do something that makes you forget that. I might be tired later but it was worth it- is needed right now. Orient your spirit toward joy and you’ll find more of it fills your life.
    Give yourself permission to say no. It’s ok to say no to social engagements especially those that demand you be fully engaged throughout. If you can’t do that speak up. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you. You don’t have to go to that work mixer, you don’t have to go to your friends’ kids’ party- take care of self. And take those naps, lay in the grass, conquer the couch! Skipping an engagement doesn’t mean you have to fill that time slot with other things. Right now making time to get back to your healthy state of being is what’s key.
    Don’t beat yourself up. When we’re off kilter the body tends to get your attention in ways that you can’t ignore. So if you had cake for breakfast all week don’t beat yourself up about it but rather focus on the fact that your endorphins are probably really low and your body is trying to tell you it needs help. Cake is a temporary solution albeit a fun one. I was craving burgers for weeks and not just any but the messy masterpieces that came from bbq restaurants. I had more than one this month and upon completion of that last mission I realized ah ha! My spirit wants safety and My body needs iron. While the messy masterpiece was great spinach was probably a better option for the arteries. No judgment to self just a small course correction and we’re back on track.
    Take a look around your sacred space and ask yourself why things are there. If that’s an altar space what’s on there? Why? Why that picture? Why that rock? What’s the candle for. I took my altar apart and cleaned and dressed it again. The cloth is a nod to my islander heritage and brings me closer to home when I see it. The candle holder is one made in Italy on my first trip there. It was following an instinct, delving into my intuition and realizing how much I had grown in power and mind since I started my journey. Everything on my altar has empowered meaning and there are far fewer objects there now. Everything is sacred and I feel better every time I see it.

As you can see there are lots of really simple things you can do that have a major impact on your well being during tumultuous Gemini season. Breathe, soften, relax and do your best to check in with self. What do you need? What do you want? What’s no longer working? Traffic was no longer working for me so I got on the train- small change big impact. Check in with self and start feeling better.

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