The courage to love plan B

Life is messy. It feels like you plan things out and it never works out. What’s that phrase? Wanna make God laugh tell them your plans? As an awakened soul I’ve seen more “backfiring” manifestations than I can count. And I always thought -next time I’ll get more specific, or ask for them to glean the specific details from my heart. – But life will not be denied it’s laugh, especially when you’re not ready for that thing you want. I felt for a while I needed to be like a lawyer getting specific with details, closing off loopholes and imagining all the impossibilities. Turns out that’s impossible. Cue dramatic Jeff Goldblum voice “Life uhh will find a way”

I’d say send me a husband and she’d send me somebody else’s husband. I’d say send me the right man for me and poof there would be another “friend’s only” guy or someone completely broken but would totally be perfect for me in 10 years after his massive restart. Point is the universe loves to react with humor whilst also sending you a message. I needed to get specific about what I wanted and then really pay attention to my control issues. Can I really let go? Do I jump into another request before the first one has had time to mature? How important is it that I control the circumstances? Am I asking for specifics on how so that I can subconsciously block them? Turns out there were lots of things going on with myself that blocked my blessings. Plan B helped me shed light on that. I learned that plan B could be growth rather than just an unsuccessful manifestation.

The How. We love to brainstorm on how. If this miracle happens within the confines of our limited possibilities it’s acceptable. As though we are in anyway capable of orchestrating anything on the level that the universe can. We are not. The universe loops others into your miracles dealing blessing, karma, fated meetings, death, birth, resolution and more into one single act. How can we not love plan B.

My realization was I was so scared of what plan B could be. It could be damaging to relationships or force me to leave situations in a way that made me look or feel bad. It might mean confrontation or conflict. It might mean overextending myself in body, mind, or spirit. I was not ok with plan B. So the universe sent me lots of them until I got comfortable. Now it’s expected and appreciated.

Best way to avoid getting sidelined by Plan B is to look at what you’re afraid of. What’s one thing that would tear you up if it happened right now leaving you to face the aftermath? How is that fear blocking you from moving onto bigger better things?

Another way is to look at what you are asking for- how should that come to you? Are their stipulations? Are their limitations? Get really clear on the why of those limitations. The more you can do to clear limitations or at least face them head on, the easier it’ll be to embrace the wild and wacky way life comes at you.

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