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Side effects

One thing I learned (eventually) is that manifestation is best left alone. Oh sure, ask for what you want and even suggest a reason or timeline- but don’t try to make it happen, instead work on the obstacles that keep you from it.

There are a lot of us who listened to Abraham and Doreen and hay houses honorable mentions who just didn’t get why things didn’t work. I asked I let go and I did my darndest to stay on that high vibrating disk but damn it nothing worked. It did work for smaller things, I manifested cookies, cakes, that early work day, a vacation weekend even but… that job I wanted? Nope. The love of my life? Nope. So why not? What did I miss? Everything darling everything.

The problem is that Those gurus and experts leave out the dark parts. The shadows. Do you think the love of your life is going to manifest before you’re ready? No. And I don’t mean clear every trauma and jump every hurdle but maybe start focusing on the things that would make you a better partner. Not because the universe cares but because you do. Because subconsciously we block our blessings on so many levels because of the things we’ve told ourselves, because of the things we’ve let other people tell us. And honestly we believe those mean awful names and tell ourselves we let it go when we didn’t really. So your subconscious tells the universe- no don’t send us anybody too good we’re not good enough or not until we lose 50lbs or not until she gets that job she wants… it’s silly and yet if we don’t dive into the shadows to learn more about these limitations we’ve set we can’t knock them down.

Wealth is a big one! Love spells and money drawing are the most common requests ever. First problem with wealth is how we look at it. Some of us see it as a thing Some of us see it as energy. The issue of course being that it’s not really anybody’s focus. Most of us don’t love money we love what it can do. The people who love money already have it because that relationship is magnetic. So the rest of us need to either learn to love it or focus on what we want to do with it instead. The love sounds easy right? Take that 100$ bill and get familiar with it, worship the feel and smell of it, the way it stacks in your wallet, how happy it is in your purse and how it won’t be spent the way it makes you happy to see it, sad to spend it and powerful when there is a lot of it at your disposal. You’d choose it over almost anything- it’s safe with you and won’t be torn from you unless it’s necessary- maybe not as easy as we thought right? Most of us want money to spend it. And that love of spending is not the same as the love of money. Most of us should then focus on what we want- to see paid in full on a bill? That glorious new dress you’ve been dreaming of? A home of your own? Follow your hay house rules for manifestation of that and the money will come or another means of accomplishing that. The money is the side effect but not the result.

Love is the side effect of ridding oneself of doubts. And wealth is the unabashed love of money or devotion to manifesting things that bring you joy.

Don’t make love your focus unless it’s self directed. And really it’s immaterial next to the one big requirement- stop self sabotaging. Find a way to communicate to your other self that you deserve everything now. You’re ready now, you’re enough right now. If you can do that there will be nothing between the universes desire to fulfill your wishes and the present moment.

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