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Sniff Test

What smell do you associate with childhood? A friend of mine just answered this question for her therapist and it got me thinking about how important that is just now. Clumsy Cancer is an emotional dagger for a lot of us. It’s exposing old wounds, dampening old passions and washing away the people who no longer fit in our newly shaped worlds. But emotions are complex and can tangle themselves around memories for a lifetime if you are not careful. So how do we detangle emotion so that we can successfully move on? Empowering your sense of smell can help.

If your trying move forward by eliminating your blocks scent can help. It’s directly tied to the brain triggering an emotional and physical response almost immediately. If you’re trying to navigate way forward in love for example think of the best date you ever had. Maybe it was a movie night- before your next date or while you’re building up the courage to date again, make some popcorn! Your subconscious mind will focus on that memory and help lay down the blocks.

If you’ve had bad luck in dating sometimes the idea of starting again can be traumatic. So pick a scent that reminds you of happy times. Maybe it was strawberries because when you were younger, picking summer berries was your favorite thing and every time you smell strawberries you go to that happy place. Get yourself some strawberry fragrance oil and rub it on your palms inhaling deeply before you start looking at dating sites or reconsidering that offer of a blind date. Scent can set you up for success!

Scent can also set you up for failure. My brother dated a woman who started out lovely and quickly became jealous, vengeful, controlling and obsessive. It took him a while to start dating again but the first night he went out he came back rather early grumbling about how much she reminded him of the ex. We talked about it and lo, he made the connection to the ex when his new date commented on his cologne. Turns out his ex used to love that same cologne and it immediately connected the dots in his mind to her. So we swapped the old cologne for something new, something woody that reminded him of good times. He called up the girl for a second date and he even spoke differently on the phone. He’d set himself up for a positive experience and it changed everything.

So as you’re going through your morning routine have a happy scent nearby that makes you feel carefree. It’ll get your mind body and spirit in the right alignment for a good day.

I keep lavender in my desk drawer and spill a little bit in my hands when I’m about to do something that might be stressful. It’s calming and sweet leaving me in a place where I am capable and relaxed. Spreadsheets beware! It’s an easy means of therapy and I hope it helps you shape your day in a way that makes you feel better!

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