Balance is here. So is the sweet reprieve that comes of silence. If you haven’t done the work it highlights the pockets of dark of unwavering light and asks you once more for balance. Retrograde behind and sets us back into working mode. It’s a time of transition and one I welcome.

Retrograde has a reputation for being tough. It makes people aggressive frustrated and unbalanced… that’s only true if you’ve left yourself in a place to be that. For those who have been working it’s a time of slowing down and accepting that which is placed before us. I have been working too hard and I see this time as a point of returning to my usual pace. Breathe and take in the present. Be adaptable. It’s a time of detours and unexpected opportunity if you’re ready to accept it as it is. It doesn’t have to be aggression forward if you see it add an opportunity to give control back to the universe.surrender and enjoy.

It’s a wonderful day for really accepting the dark and light within us.what new or reemerging gift do you need to show gratitude for? What aspect of fearful or outdated mindset do you need to release? Be grateful and let go. Cut ties with people on the periphery of your life or embrace them a little more if they mean so much to you. It’s in your power to decide. 

This time can be tough if you have a hard time making decisions.all of a sudden the universe is making decisions for you. Things fall away,and life refuses to let you settle for less any longer. If you remind yourself that it’s for your highest good it can be a bit easier.if it hurts and you can’t make sense of it, it’s simply not over yet. Keep going. 

Tips for making it easier

  • Keep an open mind- that second time at the coffee shop might save you on traffic or give you the opportunity to meet someone new. Any thing can happen at any moment.you don’t have control so relax and go with the flow.
  • Adapt with grace- see that detour as an adventure, that sudden change in position as a chance to show your skill.stay positive and believe it’s for your greatest good
  • Slow down. If the network goes down organize your office, talk to people and our cut the day short in favor of something spontaneous, it’s a time to give bliss your attention.
  • Be present. When you talk to people instead of worrying about being misunderstood focus on every word that leaves your lips and bless them with a smile.most of us speak in prearranged phrases that multitask as well as we do.now is a great time to pause and speak from the heart.
  • Stay grounded. Spend time outside, roll in the grass, walk through the water. Connecting to the earth energy revitalized the spirit and allows us to flow with the day and the season.
  • Be kind remember that everybody handles this tune differently.give people their space and remember that a little patience goes a long way.
  • Blue stones like lapis and sodalite are wonderful for keeping the communication channels clear.Keep one in your office or pocket for a bit of help.

Happy retrograde and balance season!

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