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Are you ready. It’s a strange build up or break down depending on what you are holding onto. It’s the soft and consistent tearing down of barriers. Sometimes that feels like war, sometimes that feels like stripping naked and taking a step outside the door. How many of us have been hiding in the shadows of our own lives while we waited for things to right themselves. It’s about time Change showed her face isn’t it? There are things we can do to facilitate the energy of full moon & eclipse-

– declutter – thin your wardrobe it’s amazing how much it changes things. All those things that you thought you would wear but haven’t had the occasion or drive to support – say goodbye. Get rid of all the paper. Paper holds more chaos energy than almost any other material. Scattered paper is so stressful! Fixing the mess is more than straightening piles. It’s putting them in files, in folders in binders- whatever it takes to give each leaf a place.

-make a to do list- when the energy shifts and it gets hard to focus a list can be super helpful. And crossing things off your list despite the energetic chaos is oh so fulfilling.

– prep the night before for the day of. If you’re already not much a morning person it’ll be even harder to get yourself going in these times. Treat yourself with the same deliberation as you would a kid. Take care of your inner child. Lay out your clothes, bag your lunch, preset the coffee pot- whatever it takes. Future you will thank you. Sometimes past me leaves future me snacks in my desk drawer- I’m always grateful.

– Remind yourself today you’re going to be as adaptable as possible. Pledge not to get to down on yourself for mistakes. It’s inevitable and one doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Instead celebrate your victories and lessons learned.

– forgive yourself for mistakes. You aren’t responsible for making anybody happy and you’re not responsible for making them sad. All you can do is be considerate as much as you can. It’s all about ease right now. Nurture your own self and your own feelings. Pause after every interaction. Now is not the time to be reactive. You are not required to respond to aggression or ignorance. It is totally ok to let people know when they overstep and say things inappropriately. It is not ok however to hurt other people because of your own hurt feelings.

– be careful of isolation. It might seem like the best solution right now but be careful. Isolation is addicting and leave you feeling territorial. I think of the moray eel lashing out at those who come too close. Retreat to heal and then come out and join us again.

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