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Manic Monday

Holy crap today was a rush! Did you all feel it too? Too much to do, no time to breathe, no time to think! Slowing down did not feel better and changing the work pace in anyway made me hit too close to breaking point. What on earth do we do in these moments?

– start by reminding yourself that you are not helpless. You are not a lost cause and the day will and must end. Whether you slay that spreadsheet or let it walk all over you the day will end. Whew! Yes, the amount of suffering we can endure in a single day is finite- comforting when the world is spinning out of control.

– breathe! Relax and slow your heart rate. Deep breaths help alleviate the tension in the body signaling to the brain that the crisis at hand isn’t so critical. We don’t have to be in fight or flight mode anymore

– Get up! If you’re like me and spend 10 hrs behind a screen it’s critical to stretch and move and breathe. I walked around the building a couple times, just meandering. Slow the body, slow the mind.

-Eat. When days are hectic often the first thing we do is skip breakfast and lunch. The ritual of prepping breakfast in the morning and sitting down to eat reminds your subconscious that you are your first priority. Eat lunch with your favorite people and slow down. Don’t talk about work just everything else. It’ll remind you all about life outside the office and even two less stressed out humans makes for a happier office environment.

– Sensory focus is the best! Pick a sense and focus on it. What do you see? Those funny pictures from last years Christmas party? That pathos you bought who despite over watering and no light continues to grow? What do you hear? Whose laugh is that? Who’s heavy heels tramping ever closer? Bringing yourself into the now immediately stops the nervous system from triggering a response, stopping the cycle of panic and fear.

– sensory deprivation- at one point in the day I turned off all the lights in my office and just let the sunlight be enough. The harshness of the fluorescent bulbs was too much. I felt immediately better. You can also stick noise canceling headsets on – great if you’re facing hours of data entry.

-Crystals can help too- Tiger Iron is my go to grounding stone but there are a ton of options. Pick one that feels calming and sit with it. Hematite, jasper, tourmaline, obsidian and others can bring back to earth a help you relax.

– aromatherapy supports focus with ease! To stimulate and focus go with green and citrus scents. To soothe and calm anxiety go with soft florals or deep woody notes. Good smelling oils encourage one to breathe deeply and that’s its own reward.

Monday work day is finally at an end for me! I hope you all are surviving or thriving today. Tomorrow’s eclipse should leave us with an easier time and much less dramatic outlook on life.

– cheers

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