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Retrograde Relationships

So the week is ending – it’s my Friday. Are you still in one piece? Have you found peace? It’s a hard creature to catch but worth it if you can. Relationships might seem strained right now and you might be wanting to hide from people but the truth is it’s a great time to get to know people.

Every blog and astrological guru out there says avoid relationships in retrograde. Why is that? Truthfully because of what retrograde does to people it strips us bare and makes us incompatible with our masks, our illusions. It leaves us unable and unwilling to settle for less than perfect alignment with our here and now. I find that couples who make it through a heavy retrograde do last through challenges very well.

That being said if you’re on the hunt for a relationship right now be aware that this isn’t the time to settle and it’s not going to be a time to just get over issues and red flags. Be more forgiving of self if you say things you don’t mean. Just recognize that your spirit will not let you ignore it’s truth.

Given retrogrades tendency to make communication difficult, starting a relationship right now forces you to speak with deliberation. Be clear, leave no room for misunderstanding and guide your energy with a light hand. Opt for phone calls in place of wordy methods of communication. You may not have all the right words but your tone, inflection. Pace of speech all help convey your message that’s a lot more support than the average text comes with.

So relationships during retrograde can be difficult but they’re not impossible nor are they doomed to fail. They simply require more careful and true to self handling.

Good luck to you

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