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Fiery July

So here’s the thing about July; it’s a tough month full sun and full tilt. Nothing gets sugar coated, nothing gets swept under the rug for long; what you see is what you get. Full sun can be amazing all the light helps things to grow and mature. All the exposure shows you where your dark spots are where there is still room for change and growth. It’s amazing. But it can be difficult to face the truth of things if we’ve spent a lot of time or energy hiding from our problems. It can be really hard if we’ve been struggling with relationships that have lost meaning or spark. It can be difficult to muster on and keep going through the motions when people treat you badly or give you less than you deserve or need. It’s no less than full truth. Whew it’s a lot.

I spent the weekend with the other golden circle ladies laughing hysterically and telling stories. It was so important to speak my truth and give a little more context to my weird little world. Shed some light on my inner workings and remember how important my heritage is. I was struggling with self worth after an incident and I got the chance to speak aloud something that really changed me and made me remind myself that I need to be proud of me. If the world is making you a little crazy and you’re feeling less than enthusiastic about yourself or the world you inhabit speak on the things you are proud of. Tell someone who matters to you a small story about a meaningful event that makes you feel good.

Show your gratitude! I had a nasty voicemail from a coworker waiting for me the other day. Just inexcusable. I had to stop and really focus on the timing and the influence of retrograde before I went knocking down doors. I decided that rather than fight this being or chastise or in anyway give her childish behavior attention I would instead uplift everyone else. I wrote letters of appreciation for everybody. All the things they’ve done that I love, all the small gestures that feel like thoughtfulness and this is how that affected me/ made me better. I got wonderful feedback and everyone was smiling and visibly more excited. I really loved it! And guess what? I wasn’t thinking about the rude lady anymore. I felt better, they felt better and not so kind human being was none the worse for their outburst.

hope now that the sun has welcomed Leo things are calming down for you- we’re almost there guys! Retrograde stings in unexpected ways every time.

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