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Welcome the Sun

Ok so admittedly the first half of retrograde left me wondering if I’d feel it all. Then last week I got slapped with squabbling Capricorn and Cancer energy. It was more than I was ready for! So now that the fire has come back I’m ready to move forward, ready to shine!

I’m exhausted quite honestly. It’s been a series of events that have sapped me of sanity and tested my legendary adaptability. My coworker sat me down one morning I was knocking through the pile of urgent invoices and voicemails. She said I know you’re not seeing it but think of this as a gauge of how much you’ve grown. How would past you have dealt with this? Even a few months ago? Yes… you’re right I’m much stronger now. Thank you for noticing. Please take a moment to examine your growth if you haven’t lately.

The best suggestion she gave me was to write down what I wanted. I did in detail and compared it to what I wanted 6 months ago, a year ago and the list is waaay different now. I take it as proof that the work paid off. I may not be where I want to be but I’m not where I was. Thankful beyond words.

The one thing retrograde always does for me is bring in the hermit energy. Takes the light of external examinations and brings it inward. Leo energy tells us it’s time to pull the lantern from our chest and not only marvel in how much brighter it is but let others marvel at it too. Take some time this week to check in with self then tell the people you love how you’re doing and listen to them too. Lamp light is brighter when there is more than one.

Watch out for Leo’s flare for drama and pettiness. It can be easy to be so enraptured in yourself that you are insensitive to others. Your journey is your own and no two people will ever have the exact same path. If you climbed a mountain and all they can claim as success is they woke up every day- celebrate both successes.

Enjoy the outdoors, enjoy nature. Laze in the grass or stretch out along the beach. Leo is one to bask and allow nature to restore their sanity- great weekend for forest bathers if it’s cool enough. Wherever you are just be. Let the universe celebrate you.

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