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Ok friends were there! The tail of this rather ferocious Retrograde is wagging! You can come out of your pillow forts. For those of us who stood unpadded in the center of this storm- you can now apply your Bandages, lick your wounds, jump into the sea, whatever you need to do to heal. It’s happening! I mean truthfully we’re coming into new moon and then lions gate energies but aren’t you glad that Capricorn and cancer have stopped dancing? I am- so what now? The instinct of course is to just rush forward and move into Leo. Don’t fall into that temptation if you want to make the most of the opportunity you’ve been presented with.

Breathe! Be still. Guess what? It’s ok to do nothing. Let the crazy sink in and present itself as it will. When the dust settles and the less than desirable circumstances start to drift into change you don’t have to react. Instead take an extra long moment to ask yourself how this might possibly work in your favor. Ask yourself what if the best case scenario is true and move accordingly. This isn’t a time to pretend you know what to expect based on past experiences. Breathe and adapt from necessity rather than reacting to what hasn’t yet happened. Love will see you through.

Look in the mirror of truest reflection. Who are you now that the battle is over. Even if you only watched from the sidelines you are new. Your sense of perspective is new and that bears acknowledging. If you’re battle weary like me look at your new body, and/or new spirit and marvel at your strength. There is ego and there is truth. You are a survivor and that warrants celebration. Leo loves a good celebration of self.

Self care is key now. And not just the face mask and green tea kind. I mean check in with your body – how’s it holding up? Where are you holding tension, where are you frayed, aggravated or depressed? Do what needs doing! Get that massage, yoni steam, chiropractic or acupuncture appointment. So if somebody suggests a cleanse, magic tea or supplement- take it seriously and do the research ; it could be just the thing you need. Take care of your body before it makes you pay attention.

How’s your digestion? A lot of us were eating heavily to help stay grounded or avoid the complications of high energy months. Now is the time to cut back; replace caffeine and sugar with herbs and supplements. Get leafy with your meals and keep it fresh. Instead of that breakfast sandwich in the AM get a mixed berry bag that you can snack on all morning. When your body feels lighter so will your spirit.

Change up your wardrobe for brighter happier colors and lighter material. We relate a lot to our clothing it’s a subconscious reflection of what’s on the inside. If you can maybe give yourself a few sunnier options I think you’ll find the subtle changes will make for an easier day. Washing them helps if you can hang them to dry instead of using the drier; it’ll bring that happy Leo sun into your life in a way that charges your mood and mind. Give it a try. For bonus points spritz your clothes with lavender water when they’re half dry. Talk about setting yourself up for success.

Breathe! Pick a few of your favorite meditations or breathing exercises and do one before bed every other night. Remind your body that you’re not in survival mode anymore. You can stop the fight or flight mode. You can stop the stress hormone triggers and breathe – it’s ok to recover, it’s ok to come up for air.

Take a trip to the beach or to the lake, river or any natural water source. It’s such an amazing way to heal the spirit and the body. Let it wash away tangled emotions and pent up frustrations. Let the water wash you clean I promise it’s worth it.

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