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Lion And The Sun

Oh it’s here- the luxuriously lazy Leo who we often forget is so dynamic. Lions are just as comfortable solo as they are in prides, depending on how the balance of masculine & feminine lies within. That means it might be a good time for a solo date, a spontaneous adventure that involves getting out somewhere new. Or it might be time to gather friends and or lovers.

Scorpio has a huge influence on the moon right now making it a great time to meet someone new. Happy Leo gives us. Confidence and even a bit of an ego boost where there may not have been before. You may find yourself finally saying hi to that cute barista or sitting with that attractive stranger on the train. Go for it! Just make sure you don’t let lazy lion energy dilute your communication skills. A little more effort should be placed in annunciation and word choice.

Speaking of communication- if you’ve already got yourself a partner Leo can wreak havoc on strained relationships. An unexpected ego boost is not cause to start fights or make accusations. If Leo leaves you angry it might be a great time to go on that solo adventure we talked about.

My roommate was just telling me how taking a new route to work builds new pathways in the brain. If you need time away it’s a good time to give your brain a workout! Even if it’s going to a town away and sitting in a park you’ve never sat in, try it! When we were little dad used to pack us in the car (when mom was brewing something foul in her kitchen witchery recipe book) and ask whom ever was navigating to pick a direction and off we’d go. Leo fully supports the search for opportunity and joy!

The sun in its happy Leo space fully supports joy. So if you know what makes you happy, tell the sun and do more of it; you’ll see how all of a sudden the logistics of your life morph to present more joy.

So this lions gate not only magnifies Leo’s energy but amplifies the joyful sun. Expect lots of unexpected manifestation and lots of new opportunity. Things will come to speedy conclusion and stuck things will either wither completely or find surprising new means of continuance. Finally clarity! The sun doesn’t like hiding things from you so if you’re open – this weekend will bring about a lot of change.

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