Agonizingly slow is the best way I can, at the moment, describe this month. No it’s not what I envisioned, no it’s not what I wanted; but here we are. I had hoped for fiery August to burn away the last standing pillars of my obstinance. Instead I woke up and they simply weren’t there. No resistance no pain,  no real physical obstacle to labor over.only the habits I’d been building to help me survive. Let me say it’s been harder than ever to get my mind and body to accept that things are new. I don’t have to fight. I don’t have to push, shove, or demand. Instead I only have to breathe and allow. How do we deal with, what for so many of us is, a new reality?

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is not fill in the spaces with anything. Don’t go out looking to eat everything you see. No sugar comas or black out drinking will make things better. That’s hard because at least for me sugar had been a auto response. Need a pick me up?  Sugar. An anti depressant, a substitute for loneliness, a facilitator for clarity in the face of amounting odds…. I mean it was hard to break up with something so integral in my survival. And no I don’t turn to broccoli with the same affection, coming through granola or quinoa for clarity. So many people think it’s healthier to run or work out or reach for something else truth is that’s just another addiction. Sit instead with the not so great feeling. Get to know the nuances of it without assigning it a meaning. I’m not sad because…. I have sadness. That’s it. Feel it, get help with it if you need to but then let it go. Don’t give it fuel, don’t create reasons to keep this stray; just release it.

The other temptation to fill the void and rush ourselves through unfolding, is sex. It’s too easy to fill that deep seated longing with a person. Infatuation is so much fun and it’s craveable, addictive, and touches us on alllevels-body mind and spirit. What’s not to love? Except these feelings are usually so strong that we lose sight of our selves. We get so busy stuffing these interesting feelings into ourselves that we forget to leave room for what or who we really want.

What can you do instead? Let it happen. Try seeingthis time as the game it is. What clues are you being given every day? What can you do to be ready for whatever life brings you? If you’re wanting a home do you have the things to dress it, decorate it, protect it? Do you have your notes organized on everything from paint to air filters? If not work on that. If you’re looking for the right partner, are you in the best shape- body mind and spirit -for the person you most want? Have you made your peace with ex’s or are you still dragging ex’s expectations into your future. Work on that. And if you’re hopefully waiting on whatever life brings you work on yourself. When was the last time you updated your underwear drawer, bought new makeup tools, or purchased something that made you feel like magic when you slipped it on? Not a work appropriate something, but a garment that was made for you. And truly get ready for the life you want. Not compulsively or obsessively but bit by bit as time will allow. This is just prep not a means of filling the void. 

I think these days prep is so important. You don’t know how you’re going to feel when you wake up; so prep is key. Use the night before to set out clothes, pack lunch, or make a to do list. It’ll be so much easier for you to get to work on time if all you have to think about is following the strong lead your past self set for you. Don’t forget to mix your oils the night before. Frankincense and lavender will get you through almost anything.mix a batch with coconut oil to wear before you sit in traffic or jump into that meeting. It really will change the flow of your day. Do something extra special for yourself. mix that drink you like and leave it in the fridge for your future self and partner to enjoy. Pre order dinner when you have an extra minute at work. Do one thing during the day that makes your life easier later. Doesn’t matter how crappy the day is, you’ll feel accomplished when that one thing turns out well.

For those of you still ascending be mindful of your physical body. This journey takes a heavy toll on the physical self.stay hydrated. Whatever that means to you. Water is life and it really will help you stay present. Give yourself permission to slide in and out of diets. The body knows what it needs and sometimes your want for 7 days of kale salad isn’t in tune with that. It’s ok. It’s tempting to skip exercise and skip showers and just work and sleep. You’ll regret it. Push yourself to keep up with the things that make you feel good. Few things disperse stress more than a shower. Exercise can change your whole vibration in five minutes of cardio. It’s not easy to ease yourself out of the house and workout but even a couple rounds of circling the block can shift your spirits significantly. Take Rufus for a walk and blame him if you must but keep moving. 

If you’re feeling flu like symptoms please take the time off to acclimate. The body does this time and time again to shift you to a higher level of consciousness.but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of yourself.drink lots of fluids, stay in touch with a doctor and eat nourishing foods.more than anything get lots of rest. Sometimes the only time we get a full night of sleep is when we’re sick.if that sounds like you, now is a great time to take a step back and breathe. Relax, take a few late days in to work and sleep. Your body will run until it can’t anymore;it’s that faithful! So be kind to it as best you can.

Now is a great time to work on that self image.how do you feel about you?   Leo might be waning but these little bits of effort you put in right now to make yourself see your worth, will not go unrewarded. Stop being skeptical and do something ridiculous especially if it means you end up with a better relationship with yourself after. Give yourself permission to be ridiculously and fabulously you.

If you’re feeling heavy carry fluorite or Sun stone or amethyst. If you’re feeling weak blood stone can help. Prep for the worst and let life surprise you with the best. 

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