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Intuition isn’t just knowing something before the evidence has appeared. It’s also a deep and profound trust that takes time to nurture. Doesn’t it seem odd, now that you’ve grown into yourself, to imagine a time when you didn’t believe in it? It’s astonishing really just how much we love the sound of our own voices. We are taught and encouraged to question everything that comes from outside our ego unless of course its extraordinary. You can trust yourself to be a genius, question every thing else. How much trouble did that cause? How many people still dismiss without thought that niggling voice that says maybe today isn’t a good day for that or maybe check his phone or I think you shouldn’t trust them this time. It’s not often we get to see tangible evidence of just what we are spared by listening to that voice but when you do it changes everything.

I do listen to that voice though there’s always moments of doubt. We still live in a human world where we are expected to provide justification for actions and sometimes we are too quick to call ourselves crazy. How can you possibly know that? Explain yourself? Still I’ve come leaps and bounds from where I was; listening as the universe delivers news on the wind isn’t such a big deal anymore.

As a messenger we are often given tools to decipher messages; cards, tea leaves, runes, bones, etc. They are just interpreting tools. But when you interpret long enough you get to understand the language and the tools are no longer necessary. The cards become confirmation for a doubtful mind. You’ve already felt, seen, dreamed, or heard the truth, now heed the advice or deal with the consequences.

And intuitive knowing doesn’t classify itself as important or unimportant most of the time. Knowing ahead of everybody else that someone new was joining our team didn’t really do more than give me time to prepare their space, but it felt important! Hearing Jatamansi in my head over and over until I bought some didn’t seem important and yet those blends got me through this summer without pulling my hair out. Arguably the most important message of the season but delivered with the same subtlety as everything else.

Sometimes questions are given to you too! You’ll be talking to someone and a question will surface that seems completely off topic or an odd fit to the person. You might ignore it but it keeps coming to the front of your mind to be voiced. Speak it. I remember talking about work with a coworker, we’d gone to lunch and I kept hearing -ask her about this man- granted I didn’t know much about her so I didn’t want to ask. It kept coming up flying to the tip of my tongue and finally I just asked -hey does the name -soandso- mean something to you?- and she looked at me like she’d seen a ghost and said -yes! That’s my twin flame; but how could you know that?- It caught me off guard for certain but then I learned she’d been having doubts about him and had asked the universe for confirmation. That’s one of the funnest parts of being intuitive; realizing your faithfulness to that inner voice helps heal others! She got that confirmation she needed. How many times have you been nagged to give someone a compliment and it just lights up their whole being? You have no idea what they’re going through maybe they were begging the universe for a few kind words to remind them that life is worth living. Or that lady at the grocery store you decide you suddenly need to talk to for no reason? She might be feeling invisible and here you are a beautiful being who can see and relate to her. Intuition is so personal and yet it’s larger than all of us.

One area I’ve learned to listen intently to intuition is with people. People spend their whole life hiding things, intuition can warn you of danger long before you see the physical sign that it’s coming or happened. For example there was a woman I worked with who felt like a good person, insecure but nice. And intuition warned me something was wrong. I distanced myself and stopped making time for her in my work day. Very suddenly she became antagonistic, accusatory, and downright nasty. All because my attention waned. Thank goodness I was able to step back before our lives entangled any further or I made the mistake of thinking she was a friend. I’d rather deal with a bitchy person than a viper in victims clothing any day. Thank goodness that I didn’t let the lack of evidence talk me out of following my gut.

That voice that sounds like you but isn’t you is the source of consternation for many. What about all the times you listen but nothing happens? Keep listening. What about the the times you do the thing, but the thing and it doesn’t pan out? Keep listening. The truth is sometimes things make sense 10 months or 10 years down the line and our perspective as people is so limited we don’t think of how short a time that really is.

Refine your intuitive experience. You can customize your experiences. If you’re a doubter ask for confirmation. I set up signs. If I ask for confirmation and it’s “Yes! This is true.” I’d see butterflies. If it was a “No! False alarm” I would hear or see fire trucks. Seems silly until you’re asking for confirmation and a kid walks by with a toy fire engine or a girl with a butterfly tattoo stops to say she loves your shoes. Give it a try. The universe loves when you play with it, interact with it and pay attention to even a small part of what it’s doing for you. The caveat to that is that you don’t always get confirmation on everything. Somethings you’re asked to take in faith. Still other things are a test. You’ve had a million fire trucks. Do you know what truth sounds like now? You won’t be babied always, you’re expected to grow in your intuitive ability just like in everything else.

Intuition isn’t a one size fits all gift. Everyone has it, every one can refine it and there is no limit to how far you can grow with it. You simply get to decide what you think is possible; you create your own experience. It’s a powerful person who can stand on faith and believe in their truth. Most of us doubt ourselves so much we don’t even believe that our bodies know when they’re hungry or full or tired. It’s an art really, a practice in getting to know yourself again. No the messages aren’t coming from you per se but they still require you to have or develop a deep relationship with yourself. They require you to have some quiet time in your mind and commit to keeping space clear.

When you trust your gut, you’re trusting intuition. When you just know, you’re trusting intuition. We all do it and can all take it a step further if we choose. Listen to that feeling, listen to that knowing and let the universe be your guide.

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