Today begins a shift. Whether you want to or no, things will be different. This Divali new moon brought us profound reflection. Not just of our past or of our actions, but of our interactions. Who are you when nobody is there? Who are you when everybody is present?

It’s a great time for reflection but also a time for making small steps toward what you really want. Is the current path going somewhere you like? Is it time to start looking for a new path? This is the time for considering new approaches.

On the native wheel of year this is the frost time. It’s a time to be adaptable, and aware of the medicine being given. What lesson is being taught? I’m being shown in so many ways that deliberation on all fronts is needed. This weekend I was careless in making sure all workshop attendees paid their dues and guess what? Two people didn’t pay! And this wasn’t because they were terrible people, it’s because I didn’t take the time to make it important. The other medicine of frost time is pause. Slow down! I didn’t slow down. I didn’t stop and really make my focus on the step ahead. I was too focused on the things happening ten steps ahead.

This is also the time of gathering. Gather your resources, your energy, your tasks. What can you do now that you won’t have to do later? What do you need? What will nov and December require outside of the normal resources and time. Gather your friends and family. Who do you miss? Who are you wanting to see? Whose presence makes your heart melt? Gather.

The scary that was the year is slowed. What is left in the stillness is either a gift or a wound waiting to be a made a gift.

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