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Retrograde Resolutions

Hi tribe!

It’s been a crazy ride. How you holding up?  I always tell myself, “this retrograde Ill be ok because i know what to look out for. People are going to be aggressive (especially when driving) my electronics are going to refuse to function normally and my timing is going to be a little off on a lot of levels. ”  Truth is though i always miscalculate just how much this transition changes my whole world. So what is really all about? And what should we do to get through it with our relationships intact?

Retrograde is all about stripping away the sugar coating that we slap on our lives to hide the rough edges. What have you been dragging along that the universe wants you to leave behind? Who is no longer  working in your best interest? What is fogging up your vision and keeping you from seeing your truth? This is why its so  powerful! It’s the sanding before the lacquer. A necessary step before you set your sights on the rest of the year.

My greatest advice (for myself mostly) is to relax. Breathe.  Release that tight grip on the steering wheel, unclench that jaw, stop bracing for impact. relax! Make a point to do one thing at the end of every day that makes you feel good. so maybe have a glass of wine after dinner, or while making dinner and while washing up the dishes and while your getting ready for bed… or maybe just one glass to relax and chill. Go for an extra workout! Use up that anxious energy.  Got a long commute? Find a pit stop somewhere fun! take a left and park near the beach and stick your toes in if its warm enough, or just breathe in the salty air. Pick a friend on your list of “friends I lost touch with” and call them on the way home. Point is its a grand time to do something that pulls you into the present.

Spontaneously combust. That’s right – let loose your emotions. Find some space that you feel safe in and let go. Cry, curse, scream- what ever you need to do and let go. This is the stripping point, no sense in holding onto anything. You don’t have to resolve everything but you do have to admit that things can get better. Sometimes we get so scared to yell at the universe, it’s like we think it’s disrespectful to God to admit things aren’t perfect. “it’s just because we can’t see the divine plan” it’s ok to get mad! It’s part of the human experience.  Lose your faith and find it again. If you’re brave enough to admit things don’t work, you’re strong enough to find the right path.

On that note of spontaneity – do something new! that idea that pops in your head when you least expect it, go for it. When your driving home and you feel the need to just turn right and drive into the mountains, go with it! see where it takes you.  Spring is coming and now is a great time to practice trusting your intuition and taking a chance on life.

Retrograde is infamous of making us take a long look at our relationships. What is working? What doesn’t work? What are you still pissed off about? Where do you need more support? Where does your mind keep wandering off too? I have a friend who I give freely to but lately it’s become one-sided. I found myself uncharacteristically bitter about it. Thankfully rather than blowing up, I was able to reign in my issue and calmly tell my darling friend that I needed support. Whew! Communication. I also lost a friend. Last year me probably would have chased her and begged her to let me help. This year i was able to say I love you, I understand that you need to do this on your own; Godspeed. Go me! The point is, let things happen. Don’t let them consume you. Let the universe kindly shape your relationships so spring blossoms can color your world.

Need a little extra help? Crystals for communication – Chrysocolla, Lapis, sodalite & Larimar

Oils for some emotional stability – Cedar, Vetiver, Pine, juniper


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