Aromatherapy Series

In my heart, aromatherapy is a powerful tool for changing energy. once you can shift energy you can shift your life. Let me help you shift your life.

Transition series-

Rise, breath, & courage – blended to help you along each step as you face challenges in life. This series of three oils can help you at your worst, encourages you to get up, find your stillness and move forward with courage.  – angelica, sweet marjoram, frankincense, pine,galbanum, elemi, bay, petitgrain, myyrh, magnolia,cedar, rose, niaouli,rosewood, juniper, & allspice

Transition Series Essential oil Blends

Set of 3 oils – Rise, Breath, & Courage
3, 3ml dropper bottles
shipping included (continental US only)


Rejuvenation Series

These oils were created with the intention of bringing support and self awareness. Rejuvenation, Love & Comfort, and Awakening are designed to align our energy, help us bring awareness inward and recreate our natural state of bliss. They were introduced as massage oils and we have found they work incredibly well for meditation and yoga.  Marjoram,myrtle, kunzea, pink & black peppercorn,silver fir, bergamot, ginger,jasmine, cassia, clove, rose, lime, galbanum, fragonia, cedar, spearmint

Rejuvenation Series for meditation, yoga and/or massage

3 10 ml roller bottles with “Love&comfort” “Rejuvenation,” & “Awakening”



Recovery – depression series

Depression is a massive hurdle that some of us need a little help climbing over. “Brighten up” is amazingly adept at helping with mood by bringing a little sunshine to your day. “Focus” helps on the days where energy is low and mustering the will to do anything is a task. it’s a power boost in a roller. “Open” helps when you’re ready to face the shadow. it’s courage, it’s light and it’s support.  – vetiver, clary sage, spruce, bergamot, frankincense, silver fir, rose, lavender, citrus, marjoram, neroli, cypress, & rosemary.

Depression Series

3, 10 ml Roller Bottles