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Making your Space feel like Home

New year is a great time to reset vibration of self and home. While we tend to set resolutions for changing our bodies and minds we sometimes neglect our environment, which is a direct reflection of our internal mindset. So before you commit to gym time every day, make sure your home can support you.… Continue reading Making your Space feel like Home

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Basic Clearing for Home

Keeping our places clean falls into The category of 'things we learned growing up'. Its one of those things that a lot of us don't think about outside of it's just what you do. But it's not all about germs or bacteria. In spiritual teachings, cluttered and stagnant space is where clinging spirits, entities, or… Continue reading Basic Clearing for Home

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It's that time again! Happy Solstice! Why is it a big deal? Yea it's the longest night of the year but the truth is.. its far more than that. It's the end of the end. Basically after the longest night comes the dawn. This period of time we've spent looking in at ourselves, all our… Continue reading Solstice


Expect the Unexpected

What madness is this? Lol the last few days have felt like progress, like relapse, like world ending, and new world potentially starting alll at once! It's kind of crazy and yet there is an odd sensation that a plan is in the works despite the chaos... or maybe because of it? The hardest part… Continue reading Expect the Unexpected