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Let things be. Lay down your weapons and give your guard up for a moment. There is no need to fight anymore. Life isn't finished with you. It's time to let the water wash over you and feel it. Now you've been rubbed smooth isn't it different? Doesn't it calm instead of aggravate? Stop for… Continue reading Reminder

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Salt for the Gemini Moon

Not every full moon comes with love and light. Some of them dig up our darkest wounds, our deepest secrets and lay them out for us to see. Sometimes that means reliving the trauma, some times that means realizing, it was never as bad as we thought, sometimes it's something else entirely.  Still the act… Continue reading Salt for the Gemini Moon

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Are you all feeling the aftermath of Venus Retrograde's tail? We're almost done, but it's been difficult. communication is now being caught up in Mercury's teeth too so be careful. I have found myself undeniably sad here lately! I know I'm not the only one. please take good care of yourselves in thsi time and… Continue reading Downturn

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It's been a wild ride so far and my heavy feet are telling me it's not over. God forgive me for ever thinking this would be easy. You know.. when you're a kid and see the life of a caterpillar, you don't ever think about how hard it is for that bug in his cocoon.… Continue reading Update

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Me and Skin

One of the characteristics that made me rigid was giving to others without giving to myself. I need to get better at delivering bits of awesomeness to myself as needed. In the last few weeks though I've given the majority of my time to work and any leftovers to creating things for restoration and healing… Continue reading Me and Skin