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Welcome the Sun

Ok so admittedly the first half of retrograde left me wondering if I'd feel it all. Then last week I got slapped with squabbling Capricorn and Cancer energy. It was more than I was ready for! So now that the fire has come back I'm ready to move forward, ready to shine! I'm exhausted quite… Continue reading Welcome the Sun

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Venus Focuses

If you find yourself stressed over relationships or lack of during this month and next, there are a few lovely focuses you can take to take advantage of the energy rather than falling victim to it. Isolt  - Tristan and Isolt is a love story for the ages. Beauty married to a king who falls… Continue reading Venus Focuses

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Venus in Retrograde

It may not seem like much as so many planets have ended or landed in retrograde this year. what does it even mean? Retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backward and truthfully it can have a profound affect on behavior whether you are aware or not. I have found that Retrogrades don't… Continue reading Venus in Retrograde

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It's been a wild ride so far and my heavy feet are telling me it's not over. God forgive me for ever thinking this would be easy. You know.. when you're a kid and see the life of a caterpillar, you don't ever think about how hard it is for that bug in his cocoon.… Continue reading Update

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The Hermit – Meditation thoughts for the Equinox

The Hermit is the 9th card of the major tarot arcana. He is usually depicted as a lone man with a long beard focused solely on his brilliantly lit lantern. In this ninth month of September we bring our focus to this inspirational figure. Now the light of the sun is dimming, we move to… Continue reading The Hermit – Meditation thoughts for the Equinox