Subscription Boxes

Our goal is to share our gifts with you. We started by asking ourselves the question- how can we best help the world? The answer; sharing what makes us special, by giving our light and letting it ripple through the world with joy.  Every box, every subscription brings us closer to that goal. Thank you for your help.

If you are interested in purchasing the Equinox Box or the Full series of four, please see information below. 

Every box is a surprise that you’ll want to unravel. 

December Winter Solstice Box

This helpful box will encourage you to make the most of the Winter Solstice energy.

Shipping is included



Equinox & Solstice Series – subscription boxes

4 boxes to help you make the most of these pivotal times of the year. Includes a surprise or two exclusive to subscribers.



Surprises you may find throughout our boxes;

focus meditations, mudras, candle blessings, affirmations, garden blessings, amulets, crystals, crystal infused oils, talismans, salt scrubs, home blessings, aromatic medicine, tarot secrets, or card readings.

Our boxes are full of love and blessings. 

We’re giving the world a little bit our selves. Our first subscription box series focuses on the 4 points of the year when change is paramount. Our Equinox Box contains a mix of everything we believe will help you through the often intense energy of these seasonal and energetic changes. This upcoming Equinox will find its focus in renewal and reawakening the light within.

You never know what will be in the box, but I will guarantee it will be made with love integrity and joy! We don’t re-gift items in our boxes, they are made or charged by our talented troop of magical ladies!

Items in each box vary. We do our best to ensure that every box contains items that will help you shape the energy of the season for your highest good.



Feel free to let us know if you have any questions


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