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Lion And The Sun

Oh it's here- the luxuriously lazy Leo who we often forget is so dynamic. Lions are just as comfortable solo as they are in prides, depending on how the balance of masculine & feminine lies within. That means it might be a good time for a solo date, a spontaneous adventure that involves getting out… Continue reading Lion And The Sun



Oh hello there all. I wasn't intending on leaving you and yet away I went. The year is half over and it's been months since we talked. I couldn't have possibly imagined how far out into unmarked territories this year would have taken me. Odd to think about where I thought I'd be vs where… Continue reading Hiatus


Expect the Unexpected

What madness is this? Lol the last few days have felt like progress, like relapse, like world ending, and new world potentially starting alll at once! It's kind of crazy and yet there is an odd sensation that a plan is in the works despite the chaos... or maybe because of it? The hardest part… Continue reading Expect the Unexpected

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The Hermit – Meditation thoughts for the Equinox

The Hermit is the 9th card of the major tarot arcana. He is usually depicted as a lone man with a long beard focused solely on his brilliantly lit lantern. In this ninth month of September we bring our focus to this inspirational figure. Now the light of the sun is dimming, we move to… Continue reading The Hermit – Meditation thoughts for the Equinox