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Retrograde Resolutions

Hi tribe! It's been a crazy ride. How you holding up?  I always tell myself, "this retrograde Ill be ok because i know what to look out for. People are going to be aggressive (especially when driving) my electronics are going to refuse to function normally and my timing is going to be a little… Continue reading Retrograde Resolutions

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Lion And The Sun

Oh it's here- the luxuriously lazy Leo who we often forget is so dynamic. Lions are just as comfortable solo as they are in prides, depending on how the balance of masculine & feminine lies within. That means it might be a good time for a solo date, a spontaneous adventure that involves getting out… Continue reading Lion And The Sun

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It's that time again! Happy Solstice! Why is it a big deal? Yea it's the longest night of the year but the truth is.. its far more than that. It's the end of the end. Basically after the longest night comes the dawn. This period of time we've spent looking in at ourselves, all our… Continue reading Solstice

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I Need Support – Holiday Stress

Do you feel it? The holidays can be a really stressful time! This year in particular there is a lot of desperation and aggression in the air. It's been a rough few years for a lot of us and I think there is a sense that the end is almost here. It fuels our subconscious… Continue reading I Need Support – Holiday Stress