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Let things be. Lay down your weapons and give your guard up for a moment. There is no need to fight anymore. Life isn't finished with you. It's time to let the water wash over you and feel it. Now you've been rubbed smooth isn't it different? Doesn't it calm instead of aggravate? Stop for… Continue reading Reminder

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Side effects

One thing I learned (eventually) is that manifestation is best left alone. Oh sure, ask for what you want and even suggest a reason or timeline- but don't try to make it happen, instead work on the obstacles that keep you from it. There are a lot of us who listened to Abraham and Doreen… Continue reading Side effects

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Venus in Retrograde

It may not seem like much as so many planets have ended or landed in retrograde this year. what does it even mean? Retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backward and truthfully it can have a profound affect on behavior whether you are aware or not. I have found that Retrogrades don't… Continue reading Venus in Retrograde