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Intuition isn't just knowing something before the evidence has appeared. It's also a deep and profound trust that takes time to nurture. Doesn't it seem odd, now that you've grown into yourself, to imagine a time when you didn't believe in it? It's astonishing really just how much we love the sound of our own… Continue reading Knowing

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Ok friends were there! The tail of this rather ferocious Retrograde is wagging! You can come out of your pillow forts. For those of us who stood unpadded in the center of this storm- you can now apply your Bandages, lick your wounds, jump into the sea, whatever you need to do to heal. It's… Continue reading Aftermath

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The Hermit – Meditation thoughts for the Equinox

The Hermit is the 9th card of the major tarot arcana. He is usually depicted as a lone man with a long beard focused solely on his brilliantly lit lantern. In this ninth month of September we bring our focus to this inspirational figure. Now the light of the sun is dimming, we move to… Continue reading The Hermit – Meditation thoughts for the Equinox