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Retrograde Relationships

So the week is ending - it's my Friday. Are you still in one piece? Have you found peace? It's a hard creature to catch but worth it if you can. Relationships might seem strained right now and you might be wanting to hide from people but the truth is it's a great time to… Continue reading Retrograde Relationships

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Let things be. Lay down your weapons and give your guard up for a moment. There is no need to fight anymore. Life isn't finished with you. It's time to let the water wash over you and feel it. Now you've been rubbed smooth isn't it different? Doesn't it calm instead of aggravate? Stop for… Continue reading Reminder

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Sniff Test

What smell do you associate with childhood? A friend of mine just answered this question for her therapist and it got me thinking about how important that is just now. Clumsy Cancer is an emotional dagger for a lot of us. It's exposing old wounds, dampening old passions and washing away the people who no… Continue reading Sniff Test


The courage to love plan B

Life is messy. It feels like you plan things out and it never works out. What's that phrase? Wanna make God laugh tell them your plans? As an awakened soul I've seen more "backfiring" manifestations than I can count. And I always thought -next time I'll get more specific, or ask for them to glean… Continue reading The courage to love plan B


A little Italian Magic

There are places I never imagined I would go and Italy was on that list. While it seemed like a happy pipe dream... it never would have transpired if not for a little magic. And so in kind I am sharing the magic of Italy with you. 1. The land of saints- every town has… Continue reading A little Italian Magic