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Welcome the Sun

Ok so admittedly the first half of retrograde left me wondering if I'd feel it all. Then last week I got slapped with squabbling Capricorn and Cancer energy. It was more than I was ready for! So now that the fire has come back I'm ready to move forward, ready to shine! I'm exhausted quite… Continue reading Welcome the Sun

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Let things be. Lay down your weapons and give your guard up for a moment. There is no need to fight anymore. Life isn't finished with you. It's time to let the water wash over you and feel it. Now you've been rubbed smooth isn't it different? Doesn't it calm instead of aggravate? Stop for… Continue reading Reminder

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Are you enough? This question leaves so many of us uncertain. It's the biggest obstacle between us and the life we want. Are you good enough? Loving enough? Successful enough? Pretty enough... oh the list goes on forever. But the answer changes everything. In this season of change it's growing more important. For a long… Continue reading Enough

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Side effects

One thing I learned (eventually) is that manifestation is best left alone. Oh sure, ask for what you want and even suggest a reason or timeline- but don't try to make it happen, instead work on the obstacles that keep you from it. There are a lot of us who listened to Abraham and Doreen… Continue reading Side effects

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The Hermit – Meditation thoughts for the Equinox

The Hermit is the 9th card of the major tarot arcana. He is usually depicted as a lone man with a long beard focused solely on his brilliantly lit lantern. In this ninth month of September we bring our focus to this inspirational figure. Now the light of the sun is dimming, we move to… Continue reading The Hermit – Meditation thoughts for the Equinox