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Intuition isn't just knowing something before the evidence has appeared. It's also a deep and profound trust that takes time to nurture. Doesn't it seem odd, now that you've grown into yourself, to imagine a time when you didn't believe in it? It's astonishing really just how much we love the sound of our own… Continue reading Knowing

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Sex Talk- Venus Influence

All this talk of Venus turns my mind to sex. Sex is so very complicated when you've awakened. To some it's a contract, to some it's a gateway, to others a connection to the divine, or a connection to earth. Sex gets complicated. I had to start examining my relationship with sex when I saw… Continue reading Sex Talk- Venus Influence

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Venus Focuses

If you find yourself stressed over relationships or lack of during this month and next, there are a few lovely focuses you can take to take advantage of the energy rather than falling victim to it. IsoltĀ  - Tristan and Isolt is a love story for the ages. Beauty married to a king who falls… Continue reading Venus Focuses