Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

 Basic Options

General Card Readings

Need a little more information or have more than one area of concern? This reading is for you.


Tarot Card Reading Simple

Ask a single question and let me pull a few cards to determine your answer.



Specialized Work

Tarot/Crystal Connection

Energetic reading that pairs cards with crystals and explains how to utilize the energy of both to find balance and success. This option includes a crystal, simple card reading, and instructions.


Aromatherapy & Oracle

This option is for those who need help transcending an issue. Grief, trauma, insomnia and more – this option is for you. Comes with a customized oil blend



Still More Options

In Depth Reading

This reading is recent past, present and future. It’s where you are, what you are working toward and what the results might be. This includes multiple decks and spirit guide consultation. You may opt for email or handwritten response.


Tarot Subscription

This is a monthly reading. You’ll receive a letter with a reading and energy prediction for the month.